A more than 20-year stretch can be a long time to continuously organize an event.

Micro Graphics owners Jack and Rebecca Florio have been the main organizers of the Mother's Day Breast Cancer Walk's getting a partner

Breast Cancer Walk for more than 20 years now and this year they have decided to merge the walk with the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life. 

Our hope is that a new look and feel for the event will make it even more relevant to the Lockport community. Rather than a traditionally structured Relay For Life event, this year’s refreshed event will gather the Lockport community to celebrate survivors and honor loved ones lost to the disease. The Relay For Life of Lockport and the Mother’s Day Breast Cancer Canal Walk will be merging into one, community wide event, to support the programs and services of the American Cancer Society.

We know that your support, participation and dedication to Relay For Life and the Mother’s Day Breast Cancer Canal Walk made it an empowering and special event for many in your community. We’re most thankful for your commitment to both events and the American Cancer Society’s mission over the years, and hope you will help us make this year’s Relay For Life 

Mother’s Day Canal Walk a success!

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